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Access Control | Security Cameras | Intercoms

Let us secure your business, home or certain area's within a facility. We install, monitor, and maintain Security Cameras, Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, and Intercoms that are all primarily used to guard against theft and intrusions, but businesses and home owners also use them for other purposes, like fighting against unfair insurance or litigation claims and deterring vandalism. Our Access Control, Alarm, Intercom and Security Systems can be integrated with each other for maximum effectiveness. Our systems can be installed hardwired or wireless with an attention to detail unmatched by our competition leaving you with a fully functional and valuable addition to your home or business. Let our Security Consultants give you a free no-cost and no-obligation free estimate.

Backup & Restore

How reliable is your backup? Would you bet your business on it? At Alpha Computer Group we offer many types of backup and restoring options to suit your business needs. From cloud to on-premise backups. disk to disk backup,and much more.Our service includes image backups, or snapshots of an entire system in just a few clicks with bare-metal and individual file recovery support. Backup and recover Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, SharePoint, Oracle and many other application servers. Protect from large disasters, such as flood or fire, by storing copies of your backups in the cloud or at another location. Hard drive failures are relatively common despite significant advances in hard drive technology. According to some manufacturers, about 1-2...