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Kodi (OSMC) + Asterisk/FreePBX = #AsterisKodi #KodiPBX


VERY COOL! We have created a Raspberry PI 3 image of OSMC with Asterisk 13 and Freepbx 13 running stable in the background. #KodiPBX #AsterisKodi #Kodi #asterisk #elastix #RPI This image was created on a RPI3 - not tested with RPI1 or RPI2.  It has Asterisk 13, Freepbx 13, and Kodi - OSMC Isengard load.  Works mint.  If you like it, love it, hate it, or have any opinions, fixes or suggestions - please tweet us @acgusa with hashtag #AsterisKodi and/or #KodiPBX and let us know. Please Note: That it will take 30 - 45 seconds for asterisk to fully load after you see Kodi/OSMC interface on your screen. FYI:  chan_sccp is installed for all my native CISCO IP Phone users out there. PS: You will see in freepbx web GUI Unsigned Module(s).  If your a...

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Queens, NYC Network Data Cabling - Data Cabling Solutions

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